All students are requested to note the following:-

1. Clearance/registration of courses for students will commence on Monday 3rd March, 2014 and will close on 14th March, 2014.
2. The students Course Registration portal will be closed at midnight on 14th March, 2014 by ICT
3. All students are expected to register their courses for the session within the stipulated period i.e the period for normal and late registration. Failure to register without obtaining senate approval for temporary withdrawal, amounts to voluntary withdrawal of the student from the university.
4.If a student fails to register his courses for the session within the stipulated period which includes the period for normal and late registration but applies and obtains senate’s approval for temporary withdrawal, the student looses only the session for which the approval was granted.
5.    Change of courses or departments should be done by students within four (4) weeks of commencement of lectures. Any change not completed within this period will not be approved by the Academic Division.
6.    All duly signed course registration forms should reach the Academic Officer within the stipulated course registration period.
7.    All students on IT are expected to conclude their programme and return to school on 1st April, 2014. Their clearance and registration for the new session begins from 1st April to 12th April, 2014. They should collect letter of authority from Ag. Head of SIWES Unit.
8.    “Extra year” students can register only the outstanding courses (credits) or where there are more courses, register the minimum credit load for the session.