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The following are eligible users of the library:
a)    Council members and their immediate families
b)    Senior members of staff of the university
c)    Junior staff of the University
d)    Students of University
e)    Members of the local community: Professionals, students etc. from other universities authorized by the University Librarian.

NOTE: Staff and Student are identified with identity card.


During Session
Monday – Friday                                                 8.00am – 6.00pm
Saturdays                                                            9.00am – 2.00pm

Semester Break & Long Vacation
Monday – Friday                                                 8.00am – 4.00pm


•    Council member, academic staff and other senior members of staff have maximum number of 4 books each at a any one time for a period of one (1) month.

•    Students of the University have maximum of 2 books each at any one time for a period of (2) weeks.

•    Junior members of staff have maximum number of 2 books each at any one time for period of (2) weeks.

•    Immediate families of council member and senior members of staff may be granted borrowing privileges by the University Librarian. Their privileges will not normally exceed those of the undergraduates.

•    The University Librarian may grant members of the local community borrowing privileges.

•    Overnight loans are issued during the last hour before closing time. Users may borrow journal issues not more than two (2) which must be returned by 10.00am of the following day or on Monday, if the journal were borrowed on Fridays.

•    Library materials can be placed on reserved at the instance of Head of Department, academics staff and even Students.

•    Books borrowed must be returned immediately, when on recall.

•    A loan may be renewed on application for further period as long as no other users request for the material.

•    Academics/Teaching staff with special reasons are requested to state clearly the length of loan required if they desire to use the materials for a longer period.

•    Interlibrary loan:
Required items not held by the library can be obtained for readers in another Library.

Library Decorum
A.    Users are expected to behave in a considerate manner and not to distract others by talking loudly or by disturbing.
B.    Smoking, drinking and eating are not permitted in the library.
C.    Umbrella, briefcases and bags are not supposed to be brought into the library. However, where they are brought, they may be placed at the owner’s risk in the students’ locker area.
D.    User are not allowed to sleep in the library.
E.    The use of handset/mobile phones are prohibited in the library.
F.    Reservation /colonization of seats is not allowed in the library.
G.    Children are not normally allowed in the library.
H.    Fighting and quarreling in the library attracts stiff penalties.
I.    Reading tables and chairs must not be moved from their positions.
J.    Indiscriminate pulling of down of books in the library is not allowed.
K.    Users are prohibited from writing on the tables
L.    It is an offence deface/mutilate any library material.